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I’d venture to say that every natural redheaded woman on the face of this earth has heard this one before … “So … are you a real redhead?” Which is French for “What color is your pussy hair?” You don’t hear brunettes being asked what color their pussy hair is. But we’re sports … perhaps it’s these invasive questions from complete strangers that gives our temptuous, firery nature.

Yes our carpet matches the drapes!!! And in the case of these lovely natural redheads in this post- they are bright bright red! Here are our favorite, most bright, reddest of the redheads on our site.

4 Alarm Fire Crotch

Yes It matches!

Her Red Hot tree of Life

And the reddest pussy award goes to … Sabrina … it doesn’t get ANY redder than this. And yes she is 100% natural. Fire Fire Fire! Have you ever seen anything hotter? Me thinks not!

She\'s the winner! Most Intense Red Pubic Hair!


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