I am the founder, owner, designer and producer of All Redheads.com. It is my project for those men and women who adore, love and can’t live without their redheads. Their passion, their temperament, their fire, their power, their intensity, their intelligence … their ability to drive you crazy and always leave you wanting more. Don’t try to understand natural redheads… certainly don’t try to control us … but just enjoy us and we will give you more pleasure and joy than you can ever imagine. I started a web design studio in 1995. Being in the Internet business, we began getting clients who ran adult websites. So I learned the basics of the business from them. In 1999, I started AllRedheads.com, and it became my passion. People always say do what you know. I know about being a redhead. And I knew men would love to have a site dedicated just to natural redheads (which there were none on the web at the time). I have tried very hard to be true to the “natural” aspect of things as the key is the spirit which doesn’t come in the bottle; This has been a huge challenge given the fact that only 1-2% of women are natural redheads. I guess you could say I like a challenge. I believe that true passion & sexiness - the real kind that keeps you turned on for days on end … that you can’t stop thinking about … that keeps you craving it forever … the kind that you will never forget even if you just experience it one time in your life comes from women who use their gorgeous female bodies fully integrated with their minds and their spirits to create a sexual experience that goes beyond fucking and getting off that is pure bliss, ecstasy, joy and true aliveness. I’m certainly not implying that blondes and brunettes can’t do this … but Natural redheads have been known throughout time to have a special gift for sharing their intense passion and power, and creating ecstasy with their partners.

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