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Freckle Face

Freckles and redheads go hand in hand. Not all of us have them – but many do. We get even more of them when we’re out in the sunlight alot – keeps us protected from sun’s UV rays. Sort of like sunglasses for the skin. Many young redheads get teased as kids … “freckle face, freckle face”.

Well, you be the judge if these redheaded beauties … freckles … .like them? I certanly do.


And here are some more freckled beauties ….

Freckled redhead comes out of bath

Natural Redhead Model with freckles


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Nina Rouge here … and this is my blog where I can write about what I love best – hot redheads. Make that hot, natural redheads (because if the red comes from a bottle it doesn’t count in my book). So if you love all natural, sexy redheaded women (like I do) then stick around. Plenty of them to come.

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