For the Love of Ivy

It’s been a long while since my last post. Motherhood, work and life has kept me very busy but with the new year upon us I have big plans for revving up All Redheads- which is going on 11 years online now. Hard to believe my little idea back in 1999 to create a site dedicated to the sexual fire of redheads would go so far. Today I want to highlite one of my all time favorite redheads- Ivy Manner.

I met Ivy back in 2001 when we shot our Playboy Sexcetera episode. At the time she was active in the fetish modeling world in New York. We worked together on over a dozen photo and video shoots (all her content is on AllRedheads.com) and I got to know and love Ivy Manner. She’s the quintessential redheaded woman – hot as anything and knows it and with an intelligence and wit that matches her sexual energy. Plus she has the most adorable hybrid accent – a mixture of French (she grew up in Montreal) and Bronx (where she lived for a time). Ooo La La . It drove me wild. Click on the image below for video at one of our shoots – behind the scenes footage.

Click on photo for video of Ivy

It’s been years since Ivy stopped adult modeling but her beauty and charm never ends on our site. Here’s to you Ivy!

From our Playboy shoot - Ivy in the Bath

Gorgeous - how would you like to come home to her?

More of my favorite redheads coming soon! Until then … one parting shot of the splendid Ivy Manner.

1000's of photos at Allredheads.com


I’d venture to say that every natural redheaded woman on the face of this earth has heard this one before … “So … are you a real redhead?” Which is French for “What color is your pussy hair?” You don’t hear brunettes being asked what color their pussy hair is. But we’re sports … perhaps it’s these invasive questions from complete strangers that gives our temptuous, firery nature.

Yes our carpet matches the drapes!!! And in the case of these lovely natural redheads in this post- they are bright bright red! Here are our favorite, most bright, reddest of the redheads on our site.

4 Alarm Fire Crotch

Yes It matches!

Her Red Hot tree of Life

And the reddest pussy award goes to … Sabrina … it doesn’t get ANY redder than this. And yes she is 100% natural. Fire Fire Fire! Have you ever seen anything hotter? Me thinks not!

She\'s the winner! Most Intense Red Pubic Hair!

People’s Magazine just came out with their Most Beautiful issue … and guess what? Did you know (according to People) – this is the YEAR of the REDHEAD! Well it’s about fucking time. One year – that’s all we get but who am I to complain. We are going extinct you know (see extinction article) – so maybe People thinks they better give us a year before we’re all dead. Dead redhead = not so beautiful I guess.

So … drum roll please … here are People’s most beautiful Redheads … and thank God … they are all (except one – can you guess who?) natural redheads. I hate when they call ’em redheads, when they’re bottle fed red.

First we have one of my faves … the divine … and new mom to twins Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross ... Just like red wine - better with age

Next we have two (relatively) new to the scene actresses – both who are amazing talents. Amy Adams who was just in the fairy tale romance “Enchanted” and who I fell in love with in the fabulous indie flick “Junebug”. Then the sexy siren Isla Fisher – married to Sacha Baron Cohen and star of many films including “Wedding Crashers”.

And the TV star Christina Hendricks … wicked in Mad Men.

And finally … two powerhouse actresses (is it just me or are natural redheaded actresses genetically superior? Hmmmm) … Julianne Moore and Lauren Ambrose.

Nice one People … perhaps now you can think about giving us a whole decade.

Did you figure out which one isn’t 100% natural? 😉

Freckle Face

Freckles and redheads go hand in hand. Not all of us have them – but many do. We get even more of them when we’re out in the sunlight alot – keeps us protected from sun’s UV rays. Sort of like sunglasses for the skin. Many young redheads get teased as kids … “freckle face, freckle face”.

Well, you be the judge if these redheaded beauties … freckles … .like them? I certanly do.


And here are some more freckled beauties ….

Freckled redhead comes out of bath

Natural Redhead Model with freckles

Nina Rouge here … and this is my blog where I can write about what I love best – hot redheads. Make that hot, natural redheads (because if the red comes from a bottle it doesn’t count in my book). So if you love all natural, sexy redheaded women (like I do) then stick around. Plenty of them to come.